Here we go…

Me 🙂

Hello there 🙂 I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I really wanted start a blog, but if you’re reading this, then you know what my decision turned out to be. Actually, I knew I wanted to do this when I first got the idea, but I had to wait for my courage to catch up with my brain.

For any strangers that this blog may actually attract, I’ll briefly introduce myself. My name is Nathan. I am 29-year-old single gay guy living in rural Southeastern Ohio. If that offends you, (either the Ohio or the homosexual part)… sorry about your luck: that’s your problem, not mine 🙂 Anyway, I’m currently in my second year of teaching high school English (third year teaching overall), and I’m currently working on improving my writing habits so I can one day actually get something of mine published. I won’t bore you with too many details about my life here. Assuming you stick around and read my posts, you’ll get to know who I am through my writing.

As I’ve alluded to in the last paragraph, I want to be a writer. I have written things in the past, but lately I feel a sense of fraud when I presently say “I am a writer” because I haven’t written much recently. I’ve had a myriad of ideas over the last several years and I’ve started so many projects, but I have yet to really finish any of them. I can only think of one piece that I’ve finished that I’m truly proud of… a play called Shoelaces that I finished in 2014. Recently, my focus has been on writing young adult fiction novels, but with so many things on my plate, I usually don’t have enough time to dedicate all the time I want to my writing. Granted, if I was better at scheduling my time and accurately planning my day to day activities, I could set more time aside for writing. That is kind of the underlying issue of why I wanted to start this blog and retrain my writing muscles. When I do actually sit down and write and I get into a good rhythm, I can sit with my laptop for hours and feel incredibly accomplished at the end of the writing session. My problem is I want that feeling right off the bat. If the flow of words doesn’t happen right away, I tend to mentally check out and I end up watching hours of videos on YouTube while telling myself, “I need to write” and “I’ll start writing after I watch this next video.”

My overall goal with this blog is to not only give myself a platform to express my thoughts and opinions, rant about my bad days, and share any other piece of writing that I want others to see, but for others to read my writing and glean from it whatever they can. Whether you find solace, humor, empathy, entertainment, anything really… my hope is that you enjoy reading what I have to write. Much like my play Shoelaces and my future plays and novels that will one day be finished, I want to enjoy telling my stories and I want other people to enjoy experiencing them.

I have a lot of ideas for posts already in reserve and the more ideas I write down it seems that more keep coming to me. I hope that remains true in the future and I won’t run out of ideas once I go through this list.

In addition to written posts, I may post videos of myself singing some of my favorite showtunes from time to time (you can turn down your gaydar now if it wasn’t already blaring). Theater has become a centerpiece of my life over the last decade since I randomly switch my major from Chemistry to Playwriting my freshman year at Ohio University (that’s a story for another post 🙂 Since I made that decision, I’ve discovered so many moving shows and songs that continue to inspire me on a daily basis, as well as fully embraced the familiar ones that I already knew.

I’ve been able to sing some of my favorites with my local community theater group in various performances and concerts, but there are so many more that I’ve only belted out while driving down the highway or in the shower when I know my roommates aren’t home. At times, I sort of feel like Will Ferrell in Step Brothers considering the fact that I’m somewhat particular on who is around when I sing. The times I have sang in public with my community theater are only after I’ve spent countless hours belting out the song in my car or alone in my bedroom to ensure that most (and hopefully all) of the sour notes are out of my system. I really do love to sing these songs and I don’t always have a place to sing them, so I’m making that place… at least that’s the plan. I most likely will stick with my writing to start out. Again, I would like to post some videos if I get over my self-consciousness of watching and hearing myself on video. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

So, yeah. I guess that’s it for now. If you’ve made it this far, again, welcome to my blog, Small Town Gay. I’m really excited to start this journey and to see where it takes me. I hope you stick around for the ride.

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